Chen One Pareesa Lawn

Pareesa Lawn is made from Supima, the world’s finest cotton. Supima is the latest and most luxurious high-grade cotton grown only in the USA. Supremely soft and low wrinkle, Supima fabrics are woven from extra long and strong cotton fibers. It is considered to be extremely durable and absorbent with soft lustrous surface. Supima cotton fibers are certified eco-friendly and chemical free, thus making it the most excellent cotton fiber.

Chen One Pareesa Lawn Beautiful Neck Design ( Galah Design) with Gown Kameez and Full Slave Kameez Style

Full Slave Pareesa Lawn Kameez Style with Beautiful Floral Neck Design (Galah Design)

what a combination of Green Color in Pareesa Lawn Kameez

Newest and Rare Design of Neck (Galah Design) in Pareesa Lawn Kameez with Full Slaved Style.

Coat Style of Blouse in Pareesa Lawn Kameez with Full Slave Style

Rare Design of Pareesa Lawn Kameez with Beautiful Neck Design

Full Slave Short Body Pareesa Lawn Kameez

Beautiful Design of Gala ( Neck Design) in Pareesa Lawn Kameez and Shalwar

Full Slave Pareesa Lawn Kameez and Beautiful and Latest Design of Shalwar

Pareesa Full Slave Lawn Kameez in white and light Green Color Combination and new Shalwar Design.
In Chen One Pareesa Lawn some Things are common that Chen one Focus on Innovating some thing new like Focus on Neck Design ( Galah Design) of Kameez, Short Body Fitted, Full Slave Kameez, Gown Style Kameez, Color Combinations and Newest Designs of Shalwar.

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