In the pavada design blouse , lehnga and dupata are separate because it is a half saree (Pavada) so Pallo of saree is not use instead of pallo dupata is use and in market a lot of designs of pavada is available like short style of blouse for pavada, full slave, half slave even non slave of blouse for pavada, short lehnga for pavada, fancy lehnga for pavada and floral design of lehnga for pavada not only blouse and lehnga is available in market in different designs but also dupata for pavada is also available in different designs.

beautiful dark blouse lehnga and blouse style of pavada (half saree) and net style in orange color of dupata of pavada in this style the blouse of pavada is very short and it is a fancy style of blouse for pavada

beautiful villager style of lehnga and blouse of pavada and chocklate color of dupata of pavada

stylish floral lehnga and blouse style of pavada

Beautiful Magenta blouse and lehnga design and cyan dupata of pavada

dark mehroon pavada and non slave blouse (Full blouse) and loosly style of lehnga in pavada (Half saree style)

beautiful colorful star work on pavada lehnga

short blouse and full slave blouse in beautiful pavada lehnga style and beautiful dupata design

Amazing style of pavada in full slave of blouse and dark mehroon saree style of pavada

Beautiful saree style of Pavada in Black and Cream color with floral style on Pavada

Dark Mehroon Blouse and Dark Yellow Saress style of Pavada and beautiful designs on lehnga of Pavada

beautiful fulslave blouse and a lot of chones on Lehhnga design in Pavada (Half Saree)

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