beautiful state style of saree blouse and sort style of pallo with short style of saree design

red saree in full slave blouse design

beautiful golen dots on saree and beautiful blouse style

very beautiful villager design of saree

dark color and full slave blouse and neck (gala) design for saree

pink full slave saree blouse style in golden pallo border of saree

newest design of saree in kolar style

beautiful red body fit saree style in full slave blouse design

in valvot green saree

big neck (galah design) in saree blouse with two color combination in saree

beautiful full slave style of saree blouse and body fitted saree design

new saree design for formal wear

short style of saree blouse in shining saree design

fit style of saree in green border style

new short design of party wear saree style

new pink and state style of blouse, very short blouse with golden border

Net (Jali Dar) design of Saree with green border

In all these design all the styles are in short body of saree, some are full slave blouse style and some plate style of blouse style but mostly sarees are used only for parties like wedding, mehndi function or other function. these designs not come in formal styles.

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