Whether opting for a matte look, or with sheen, lips look the best when the texture makes the pout soft and supple.

Red Red Lips: a slick of glamor in a tube, a red lipstick is a classic that comes back into limelight again and again; it never goes out of fashion really .By Ruby Chakraborty

Nude is the preferred look, especially when it comes to lips. So you have the earthy nude, the nude pink, nude beige, and even nude brown. There are enthusiasts who swear by this; they claim to be unable to touch any other shade. But ladies get ready to dive deep into hue, for red is coming back with a back again this season. The models on international ramp have been sporting red lips – carmine, crimson, vermilion or even post box red. A red lipstick is as classic as a saree, which is popular in every season maybe in different texture or feel. This coming season the hue is voluptuous, waxy, creamy matte, but not ultra glossy. When you wear red, you make a statement. You must be prepared to be the center of attraction. So you better get your red lip right.

Prepare your lips
When you decide to go red; then make sure your lips are smooth and free of flakes and chapped skin. Apply a lip balm and gently rub the lips with a soft towel to loosen chapped skin. Then apply the balm or a lip conditioner again to smoothen the skin. Then use a lip liner in your natural skin tone to line your mouth and fill the lips in – this will ensure that the lipstick does bleed and you get a clean smudge-free finish.

Choosing a shade
Since the last time red was in trend the rules for choosing the shade has changed. According to top makeup artists the earlier rule was that blue red were for paler skinned girls, while orangey red was for warmer toned ladies. But now the rule is different. The occasion and style more defines who can wear what. A blue red considered more sophisticated, and to be work your little black dress, or sari for a more formal occasion. Hair is done up, slicked back or in a low bun. While orangey red is more causal, and can be worn during the day, at the beach when out with the girls of a shopping stint, with hair bit undone, or tumbling down your back. The best way to buy your red is to take a friend along who can tell you what looks good or what doesn’t. For a red to work on every occasion search for one that isn’t too yellow or too blue. Instead of a dry matte texture, pick one that is either creamy or has a satiny finish. That can be worn by women of any age. Ditch the gloss over red.

Make it work
It takes a bit to carry off a red. You need to feel comfortable in it to wear it. Since it is bound to become the focal point of your look, so avoid bright or loose clothes for match with your red lipstick. Wear it with monochrome shade – think black, beige, and white. Choose classic cut clothes with simple lines. Wear it with too short a skirt, and you might be mistaken for ‘Mona darling’. Finally if you are not brave enough for a full on red pout then try dabbing a bit of red with your finger on your lips and smudge it slightly for a stained lips look – easy to wear, easy to carry off. (Source Beauty Magazine)

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