Beautiful Dupatta Styles. these dupatta Fashion is mostly used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some Muslim Countries where as in ARAB countries Hijab and Abaya are used. but most of the girls are now leaving this dupatta fashion some of them are used Hijab or Srcarf where as some girls says now there is no need of any Dupatta, Scarf or Abaya ..... In Arab Countries like Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arab Somalia etc are used Scarf and Hijab But in Mostly Pakistani women and Girls are used Dupatta, you can say its a Fashion or Culture but With Out Dupatta Salwar Kameez is not complete. There are a lot of designs are avail able in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh like Reshami Dupatta, Silk Dupatta, Motif and Zari Dupatta, Colorful Dupatta Net and Transparent Dupatta etc some of Colorful Dupattas are these.

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