Gul Ahmed company first time introduced Hijab ( Scarves ) due to High demand of latest and beautiful hijabs or Scarves. That's why Gul Ahmed introduced new designs of Fashionable Hijab style with heavy motif work, zari work, Silk Hijab, Net style Scarves, colorful floral scarves, Short Hijabs and Beautiful long Scarves styles......

It is a beautiful Gul Ahmed hijab style with beautiful floral threads designs and stones style decoration on Gul Ahmed Hijabs. Its a Wrap style Hijab and will look beautiful in Abaya.

It is a latest and new Gul Ahmed hijab style with beautiful colorful Texture styles on hijab and this hijab style. it is also a wrap style scarves. This Hijab can used not only with abaya but also can use with Jilbab.

Its a party wear gul ahmed hijab style with good looking style and beautiful sparking floral designs. This Hijab is in Silk style and in secure wrap style. and will look beautiful with ladies jilbab.

This Gul Ahmed latest Hijab is looking beautiful in red color and sparking (Shining) golden floral designs. This Hijab is designs for Bridal Party wear and can also used as casual wear and can also wear with jilbab.

Gorgeous Gul Ahmed Texture style Hijab design with wrap style. This Gul Ahmed Scarves is looking beautiful and nice with colorful texture floral designs.

It is a beautiful Gul Ahmed black scarves style and looking beautiful with white floral designs. This Hijab is also in wrap style and this Scarves is mostly used with Abayas,

It is a beautiful Gul ahmed newest Hijab style with wrap style and this colorful floral scarves will look gorgeous with latest Jilbab style and Abayas. This Gul Ahmed hijab is small in size and specially designed for party wear and bridal casual wear also and will look gorgeous with latest jilbab style and Abaya.

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  1. hello i need scarfe in wholesale price i have my small outlet in edmonton please let me knoew what is your price range
    humaira jamal 780 9014236
    shop no 780 4669766