The Kaftan is a beautiful, and old ladies wear style but yet so famous and useful fashion, This fashion is mostly seen in South African Ladies but now Arab Countries are also giving importance to wear these beautiful kaftan. As it is not Glamorous so can be wear as party wear or casual also.

There are a lot of kaftan designs are available in which some Western countries are also using Net, Transparent Kaftan but these countries like, USA, Russia, Australian and English Ladies use these kaftan Mostly as Beach wear but western kaftans are small in length wise.

But These Tall and gown Style Kaftan are beautiful for Islamic Fashion. There are Some Latest Floral Kaftans have beautiful neck in Round neck style and V style Neck style, and Taxure Kaftan Styles are also used, Some Black kaftans look beautiful in Coat style and some beautiful Colorful Kaftans are also used. These Kaftans are available in different varieties like Silk kaftans, Cotton Kaftans and Velvet Kaftan are also used.

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