Long Hair Styles....
These are long hair style not too long but comes in medium and long hair style. Hair style always gives u a great look. Long Hair styles are precious to take care by Shampoo, Conditioners and special hair treatments as compare to short and medium hair styles. Lengthy allow you to let down your hair, Place it in pony tail, and bunch it up in decorative designs as below (By Daily Times)

This Long and Layered Cut Hair Style is very beautiful hair style most of the women not will have it natural. And This Long Hair style is a best selection for many Facial Shapes. This hair style is layered, Straight but ends are Curl touch. Little hairs are colored as a latest fashion.

There are also some lengthy curls waves cut hair styles with different textures and some are Longer Tresses and Bangs style. As these are the most latest fashion in Asian countries so are known as wedding parties hair style, out door hair style, dating parties hair styles, some are dancing parties hair style.

Some Chic also used as a street fashion hair style in India, Pakistan, in Arab countries like UAE and also in USA and Russia too. Some of the girls use hair color with treatment to look beautiful. In modern hair street fashion girls remain their hair open as compare to use Pony, hair holder, hair catchers and hair clips. Because open hair with some Curls give you a Glamour look. Specially these hairs that covers the shoulders. That's why these out door night as well as day parties hair styles are mostly using modern chic.

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