Now in Asian Countries there is trend of Contrast makeup especially for bridal makeup. These bridal makeup collections are one of them. These bridal makeups are now commonly used in Asian countries which contain Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka and some Arabic countries also. In These Collections the bridal lip stick color and Eyebrow style, Eye liner, Cheek with mascara touch. Some newest Pakistani Bridal makeup collections are.....

This Bridal Makeup is also contrast with her suit, The Bride has simple cheek grow and lips of bridal are also matched with her dress and looking lovely with liner. The Eye makeup of the bride is sharp and have a good look of eye liner. This Bridal makeup is mostly used in bridal wedding ceremony.

In this Bridal makeup Light-Sea-Green color is focused even eye makeup and jewelry also. The Lips color are lovely which contrasted with her mehndi. This Bridal makeup will look gorgeous in Bridal Refreshment or Walima parties so we can also say that its a walima makeup style.

Beautiful Pakistani cultural makeup style. This type of make is mostly used in Karachi, Hyderabad and Punjab rural areas because of Dark makeup style. The lips have dark red color with no lips liner and eyes are also. The cheeks are looking beautiful with beautiful cheek brushing style.

Nice dark Cultural Makeup witch focused on her cheeks and lips color which are contrast with her bridal dress.

The most romantic bridal makeup which is simple but most attractive style. These types of make are now most familiar in modern fashion. Mostly bridal make-up is like this style as compare to dark and heavy make up.

It's a Bridal Shimmering make-up where copper- brown eyes shaded with black and rust colored lips.

Ethnicity in all its richness yet alluring. This makeup is also matched with bridal light gold dress. Eye makeup has some black shades but looking gorgeous and lip stick color is also in skin color that's why looking natural makeup. These types of make are now most famous in bridal functions.

This Pakistani Bridal makeup has high contrast with light-sea-green color bridal dress. Bridal Cheeks are Brushes with light shades and eye shades are brushes with black makeup color and lips are in Dark pink color

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