Magnificent Milk
Body Treatment with Milk
Mellissa Maccalla

Milk was doing: a body good long before it appeared on the upper lip of any health-conscious celebrity. When applied topically, milk calms irritation (it’s a natural anti-inflammatory), gently exfoliates (thanks to lactic acid), and moisturized new skin (the fat content increases water retention). According to cosmetic dermatologist Francesca Fusco, all types of milk of cow, soy, and goat have similar benefits, but whole milk is preferable to skim for beauty treatments because it contains more hydrating fat protections. Here’s how to use it

For reducing irritation and redness.
Fusco recommends filling a bowl with whole milk and ice, soaking a washcloth in the mixture, and then applying the cloth to the skin until the compress is no longer cold. Repeat three times and then allow skin to air dry.

For moisturizing dry or sum-damaged skin
Cleo London director and lead esthetician at Metamorphosis Day Spa in New York City, Suggests Freezing buttermilk in ice cube trays and then rubbing the cubes in your face.

For Creating a Full-Body soak in the cheep
Pick up a box of powdered whole milk, add enough to a bath to make the water a milky while, and soak you skin soft.

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