Wardrobe woes seen to take on a new life of their own when deciding what to wear to work on holiday / to an evening out with friends to the extent that a British survey reported that women spend nearly a year of their life trying to decide that what to wear. But as Pakistani Fashion begins to slowly take the shape of an industry its own right, the emergence of retailers that one can buy stylish separates for every occasion have put an end to dressing dilemmas. It's a time to rejoice, for trendy and stylish clothing need not to come at the price of an entire paycheck anymore! in breathable natural fabrics, the designs are as like business meeting dress or as they are for lunches with friends or family dinners. dress 'em up with jewellery or a fabulous pair of high heels and you are set to go!........ (Instep Magazine)

Professional ladies long kurti style in cyan color with ladies trouser style. The kurti is in sleeveless style.

A beautiful ladies T- Shirt style dress and T-Shirt has a beautiful round style neck

Black & white ladies professional kurti for office wear

Floral long kurti style dress for professional office wear

Nice floral long kurti with ladies jeans.

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