The designer creates the magic of clothes that transform as days blend into long, sexy nights. In this fabulous winter collection are feature embroidered shirts that dazzle under the sprit of stones and sequins; they are a dressed up version of the labels' summer kaftans. There are also evening gowns that play with silk and chiffons and flow like waterfalls, lending movement to a woman's body. Movement is what fashion has been about this year and whether it is moving from day to night, casual to formal or even western to eastern, movement has been the signature for the year.(Instep Magazine)

The model Neha represents the elegant designs of Kaftan and baggy long gowns with beautiful attractive color designs. These Kaftans can be used as out door and evening party wears and even some girls may like to wear as casual wear because of its baggy style or also Evening wear Breeze.

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