Gilt Edged: Beauty Tips
Investing in gold is a good idea. The sensex loves it and so do we. A bit of yellow gold on the lids or a dirty gold on the lips can get your stocks soaring.
By Priyanka Bhattacharya. (Beauty Magazine)

It is a hue that starts doing the rounds as the season turns cooler, and our celebration garbs come out. Gold is a color that we Indian love and why not? It is a shade that complements our skin tone – fairest to the duskiest – beautifully. Makeup artists in India love to highlight the face, shoulders, decollete etc especially as you hit the festive party, and wedding circuit.

While too much of gold in your coffers is good news, but too much of it on your skin is definitely criminal. Subtlety is the key. Play with various texture and colours of gold – you can go matte or shimmery, clean or dirty, yellow or bronze gold

Bold gold lips
Gilded lips can kill your complexion if not worn with caution. Instead of a yellow gold hue choose a lipstick that has a darker bronze hint to it. Another way to wear a gold lipper is to apply a sheer peach or pink lipstick, and then dabbing a old lip gloss over it.

Bullion dollar cheeks: Cheek Tips
One of the easiest ways to brighten up your complexion – a dash of pearly gold blush on the apple of your cheeks. This season too you can play up your complexion with this shade. To add more contour to your face blend in a matte bronze gold blush in the hollow of your cheeks. Keep it elegant by avoiding gold anywhere else. Keep eyes neutral, and lips shaded with a matte brown or taupe lipstick.

Aureate lids: Eye Shadow
Gold best looks on the lids where it can make your eyes look vibrant without looking too obvious. For just a subtle glow take a sheer gold shadow and apply on your upper lid till just above the crease, and extend it slightly beyond the outer corner. Then apply the shadow on the lower lid close to the lashes. Then draw the upper and lower lash line with a thin dark liner preferably brown or bronze. Use two coats of mascara to open up the eyes. This is a great day look. Give a brighter turn to the gilt-lidded style by applying a yellow gold shadow on the center of your upper lashes till just above the rease. Blend in a circular motion and keep inside the outer corner of your eyes. For the smoky look apply an antique gold shadow all over the lid till the crease, and then blend in a bronze shadow from the crease to the outer corner, extending it lightly. Line the lower lashes with a bronze liner. Keep rest of the face pretty low key with a soft pink or nude gloss.

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