In Street Fashion Model Shazia Junaid represents the western street fashion for South Asian countries mostly focused on Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Arab countries also. In this Street Fashion the dresses include Ladies Jeans, Ladies T-Shirts, Gorgeous short frocks, Heel Sandals & long Shoes, Scarf like Hijabs and other elegant accessories.

Beautiful light cyan color T-Shirt, and Hijab looking beautiful with ladies jeans. This dress can be wear in Arab countries like Dubai, Turkey and Egypt.

Black trouser pant like jeans and full sleeve T-Shirt. This dress can be wear as Indian Street Fashion.

Ladies jeans in black color with beautiful baggy style frock in magenta color.

Beautiful textured colorful frock like a short gown in short sleeve. Gown has beautiful belt and looking beautiful in short legging. The dress is specially designed for holiday and picnic wear in summer season.

Model Shazia Junaid wears stylish jeans with beautiful T-Shirt for Pakistani Street Fashion and long ladies shoes give a graceful look.

Stylish and colorful gown like a short frock in short sleeve looking elegant with short legging and long shoes.

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