Here we are going to share some latest, Stylish party hairstyle, Rock Chic, Chunky Waves, Curl power, Layery and hot hair styles for the year of 2010 & 2011 to rock in parties. Some of these hair fashion follows the funky style due to modern chic culture. These hair styles are far from Natural hair styles.

Band Aid
Don’t hide static, winter hair under a hat; instead try this finger scrape hair up into a high bun, put on a wide cloth hair band to pull back hair, tease the bun. A lazy style that can be worn with formals right now. 

Bold structured dos, accentuated colours, exaggerated layers, deep reflects. 
by Priyanka Bhattacharya 

Adhunas Creation 
Adhuna Akhtar of B:Blunt Salon in Mumbai worked with the inspirations based on folk music. She called her looks Contemporary Folk. She worked with brown palette of shades from HI. Richesse. “I created the looks based on the latest collection of designer Anna Sui. So the shape and design of the and design of the haircut is very soft. This essentially is a very soft and free flowing look for 
everyday women and can be easily carried by everyone,” says Adhuna.  Image Source: Style speak Magazine.
Many things inspire music, this time for L’Oreal 
Profession nel music has inspired the key cuts, and colour for Autumn/Winter 09. The hair colour, and styling brand has designed a complete collection of hair looks based on Rock and Folk music. Themed Rock’N’Folk, the collection works around music of two genre — the bold, loud vibrations of rock music, and the feet tapping, shimmering beats of folk songs. 

L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador, Laurent Decreton says, “The collection reaches back to move forward, showing off the history of hair in and through music, then updating and reinterpreting the looks for today’s fashions and habits. Music being a major mover in today’s society and a dictator of both fashion and beauty trends, the Indian Interpretation of “Rock n Folk” created by the Indian hair artists reflected what haircare products can do, with each creation representing a different trait in colouring and styling.”

These two forms of music have given rise to two distinct styles of hair. The rock hair meant big updos, bright shimmering hues, contrasting shades, and warm tones — the styles a challenge to come out of your safe net of basic hair colours and try something extraordinary. In case of folk inspired styles the look is much softer and subdued with an understated sophistication — definitely easier to sport as the palette runs from cool colours, and intense brown played up with depth. 
According to Decreton, “Edgy, sleek and modern hair with exaggerated cuts and layering techniques form the rock collection. The rock universe of Majirel brings out intense, accentuated colours like warm, golden touches and Iridescent, shinning hues. The folk universe spells soft, subdued and sophisticated looks and plays with a combination of cooler colours, intense browns and deep reflects.” 

In fact to give an Indian interpretation to the global looks, L’Oreal Professional invited five leading stylists also L’Oreal Profession nel Artistic Ambassadors — to create the looks. They created the looks and reinterpreted them for the Indian sensibilities, keeping in mind our hair colouring and textures. The looks are both homage to the amazing creativity and vision of rock and folk, and a modern interpretation of what looks current. 

Why commit to long hair or short, when shoulder skimming length can let you have the best of both worlds. By Ruby Chakraborty. 
Layer It 
As you layer your clothes, so you add choppy layers to your straight to medium wavy strands. This will let you wear your hair sleek or even slightly wavy. To add some easy glamoui, get long wispy bangs that are cut diagonally rather than straight. It is a low maintenance style that you can literally wash and wear. To jazz up the look, apply a smoothing cream to fight frizz and static; then use a medium barrel brush, and blow dryer to either get straight strands or loose waves. Mist a shine spray for a glossy finish. 

Whether you want to put it up, or leave it loose, shoulder length hair lets you have maximum manageability. It works best during winter months when the dry air can strip long strands of its lustre, and leave very short crop standing with static. You get many options to play with your tress, when you keep its length neither too long, nor too short. Pull it up in a ponytail or style it with a hairspray and dryer, or create a piecey look with a textu rising gel. 

Overgrown Pixie 
A pixie style looks cute, but it can be quite monotonous when it comes to styling. So let your crop grow out a bit, then get some choppy uneven layers cut all around the head, keeping face framing pieces longer than rest of the length. It looks flirty, and easier to wear with any attire. It also gives more movement to your hair, and is easier to maintain. To style massage a lightweight mousse into your roots, then fluff your hair with a flat brush or your fingers as you dry it. This gives your hair body without creating the bubble effect. When hair is dry, apply some texturizing product and twist into piecey sections for some fun, flirty effect.

Curl Power 
Most curly haired girls frustrate over their hair and resort to tying up a tight ponytail. Let loose your curls, girls’ The trick is to get your curls cut in long layers. Never go above your shoulders when getting your curls cut, as they need length to weigh them down arid give shape. To tame coarse, tight ringlets or unruly spirals, 5et dry hair with hot rollers or use a wide barrel curling iron to loosen the diameter of the natural curl and make it softer. You can also apply some curling cream to the strands and use a curling iron to create new looser curls. Use a setting spray to hold the style. Switch to wide toothed comb to comb your curls. It is best to comb it when hair is partially wet, and then avoid touching your curls as they air dry. Avoid a blow dryer, or use a diffuser if you must use a blow dryer.
Chunky Waves 
Don’t try to take away the lovely texture from your wavy hair by going for damaging straightening treatments. Instead play up the natural waves, add some volume and see your locks swish luxuriously. First get long uneven layers put all around your head, and get some face framing pieces cut. To get voluptuous waves, simply section your partially dried hair and apply 
some setting spray, and then roll the sections, and pin up. Let it air dry. Open out the rolls and finger comb the strands to get soft curling waves around your shoulder, Put some shine serum on the top of your head to smoothen flyaways. All these images and Article is taken from Beauty Magazine February Edition. 

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