The term "handbag" comes into sight in the early 1900s. Initially, it was most frequently used to refer men’s hand luggage. When women's accessory bags grew larger and more complex then the term “hand-bag” was expressively involved to the women's accessory. Leather hand-bags have grown in popularity over the years because leather is very durable and strong. Today she9 have brought the Leather Bags Fashion 2014-15 by Leatherica for women. Brand Leatherica has established to become a vendor and supporter of fine leather / leatherette products of diverse range. Handbags are among Leatherica eminent and dazzling products. Handbags and shoulder bags 2014 by Leatherica brand has used as fashion accessories as well as functional ones. Here we are going to share you 16 best ladies shoulder and Hand bag collection.
In previous era, intricate designer bags with featuring of fancy rudiments got goodwill by girls but now girls prefer lather made simple handbags and shoulder bag made by Leatherica for daily routine and parties Leatherica become a skill expression point for the labor having the most sophisticated of hands but no face to the world to sell their skill.

Leather Bags 2014-2015 by Leatherica drift has designed with open mind approach and head revolving theme has chosen with western trend inspiration on bold dyed leather. In Leatherica shoulder bags, designer has severely inspired with natural elements so leather bags has been accessible with diverse consistencies and forms. Leatherica introduced many bag styles and shapes such as tote bags, hobo bags, sachchls, shoulder bag, clutches, cross body handbags, weekender bags, wallets, and drawstring handbags and much more. Leatherica cool, confident and cosmopolitan handbags and women shoulder bags fashion will give you an instant elegant feel with styles and designs.  The glittery stones work at Ladies Shoulder and Hand Bag Fashion will make perfect for official meetings, evening parties, and formal gathering with best quality. Leatherica have kept the handbag and ladies shoulder bags prices attractive rather competitive in leather bags 2014-2015. Leather bags fashion 2014 by Leatherica brand is the easiest way to incorporate the latest trends into our wardrobe, look put-together and show off our personality.

Ladies Bag Fashion 2014-2015

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