Ather Shahzad Make Over 2014

Well there is no single person who is not aware of Ather Shahzad! Ather Shahzad is one of those names inside the fashion world whose name will always be written in golden words. Ather Shahzad is one of the famous makeup artists. He offers away with its magical services of makeup in the categories of bridal makeup, party makeup as well as Walima makeup as well. Each single time he has appeared with something incredible in his makeup looks. Now for the easiness of the readers here we will be going to share up some of the images of Ather Shahzad make over 2014 best shoots! You can even try out catching with these makeup looks for parties and late night formal parties. Each single look is exceptional looking from one another and none of them gives away the same look. Do you like these all make over looks by Ather Shahzad?

Ather Shahzad Best Makeup Shoots

This time Ather Shahzad is all back with his best makeup shoots 2014. In the shoot you will be going to view up many famous models who have cover them up in the makeup over of Ather Shahzad. In this shoot you will be going to view that some of the models have been finished with the light party makeup and Walima makeup. Most of the models have been set up with the party makeup in which they are looking dazzling. All the models are looking simply stunning in the makeup looks that will surely be going to take away your heart beats. One new thing that you will be going to view up in this make over shoot will be the use of three different color eye shadows. This is for the very first time that Ather Shahzad has introduced such type of makeup that is complete different and amazing looking.

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