Knowing how to knot scarves is a vital talent for any stylish woman to have. A scarf is a very flexible element in our wardrobe, and it can seem a plain dress look very special and modish. We are always looking for new modes to wear scarves. Whether scarf wrap up around your neck used to put in an additional dose of pure color in the summer, a scarf can insert a touch of chic to an or else plain setup. Fashion to wear scarf by Nordstrom is great and presents so many ways to knot a scarf. Have a look at this Video Tutorial about new ways of Knot the ladies Scarves.

Video Tutorial - Best Ways of Scarf

Some best ways of scarves are:
  1. Loop the scarf so one side is longer after that wrap the longer side two time and pull until the short side is out of sight and take the tip of the long side and put into the top of the opposite side.
  2. Loop the scarf so one side is longer, and then double wrap the long side. Knot the irregular sides together and insert the longer side in the fold.
  3. Wrap the scarf around the neck equally. Double wrap the longer side. Pull long side through the circle around the neck. knot a loose tie with both ends
  4. Double wrap your scarf and enfold it around the back of your neck. Then, fall both ends of the scarf into the circle. 
  5. Tie a circle at one end of your scarf and leave it loose. Fall the other end of the scarf into the circle and make tighter it to experience. 

These Scarves Styles Includes Following Styles

  1. Simple Loop
  2. Pertzel
  3. Celebrity Knot
  4. Cowl Neck


  1. Infinity
  2. Preppy Neck Tie
  3. Twisted Necklace
  4. Head Wrap


  1. Cow Girl
  2. Side Knot
  3. Classy Knot
  4. Kimono

These new trend to wear scarf introduced by Nordstrom are stunning and attractive. After wearing scarves according to the new ways, a woman will look charming and stylish. Let have a look at these best ways of scarves below on She9.

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