Dress code is one of the key elements to boost your appears; when we modify our hub on girls they are more aware and choosy, particularly when they are choosing their own bridal dress. Due to Pakistani wedding ethnicity, Pakistani brides are more aware for their wedding dresses, because they know they are going to be the spotlight celebrity, so they are selective for choosing their Pakistani bridal outfits. In current time, Pakistani fashion designers do show up embroidered bridal dresses in Pakistan and its nearest countries. Pakistani fashion designers have massive line of hottest Pakistani Heavy and Costly bridal dresses according to the season and taste of Pakistani brides. Recently Humza Rasool highlighted its new Bridal collection.
Costly Embroidered Bridal Dresses by Humza Rasool Chaudhry:
In his hottest costly embroidered bridal dresses collection 2014 you will be finding each single dress design as diverse looking from one another. Some of the bridal dresses merged with the zests of eastern and western touch too. Bridal dresses embrace ball gowns fishtail cuts, plus frocks cuts and modes too. Collection by Humza Rasool Chaudhry embodies elegance of traditions in a modern style. Hamza Rasool used energetic colors such as red, eco, yellow, and fruit, dark which will make this particular collection much more exciting and charming. Extremely embroidered gowns, Lehengas and frocks make this collection tremendous. Moreover, the collection has some usual red color bridal dresses, red, pink, and white gown. These costly embroidery bridal dresses are looking stunning and awe-inspiring.
Humza established the brand in year 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan. Fashion design is a craze to Humza, he ongoing it as a hobby and shortly persistent as a profession. However, he refined his abilities after finishing his fashion education from Middle East. He worked as an internee with a top designer of Pakistan in 2006. His dresses generally echo craze, vanity and lust of strong women, artists and poets from the history. Let’s have a look Humza Rasool bridal collection.

 HUMZA RASOOL Bridal Couture 2014
Humza Rasool Bridal Collection

 HUMZA RASOOL Bridal Couture 2014 HUMZA RASOOL Bridal Couture 2014

Costly Embroidered Bridal DressesCostly Embroidered Bridal Dresses

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