Do you want to know that how to do smokey eye makeup? Well we all know that smokey eye Shadow makeup is becoming one of the latest trends these days among the women. For the late night parties and evening functions smokey eye makeup is one of the first and foremost choices of the women. For some of the women applying smokey eye makeup is taken as one complicated tasks but once you get practiced with this art work then it is no longer complicated for you. So below are the the 7 simple and easy steps and a beautiful Video Training that can help you, How to apply dazzling smokey eye makeup looks! Follow them carefully!.

Video Training of Smoking Eye Make Over

Steps To Do Smokey Eyes Makeup:
  1. In the very beginning you have to make the use of medium sized eye shadow brush. You have to begin with the application of toned eye-shades right from the bottom of your eyelid up to your eyebrow. Make sure that you are using darker colors so that it can make the eyes attractive looking. 
  2. Now you have to make the use of black pencil eyeliner. Apply it at the top of the eyelids but don’t be too much heavy. 
  3. Now you have to make the use of medium eye shadow brush and start it to apply it on the light grey eye-shadow over your eyelid only. 
  4. Now you have to make the use of small eye-shadow brush. This will be helping you to apply the black eye-shadow to the outside of your lids and half way across the top of your eyelid. 
  5. Now you have to apply the eyeliner just underneath your eyes. For the daytime you can apply light shades and for the night time you can choose with the darker color shades. 
  6. Now you have to apply black mascara to the top and bottom sections. 
  7. Now make the use of curler and curl up the eyelashes for making them bigger and attractive looking.

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