While looking Bollywood actress on the silver screen, how many times have you desired you could seem as attractive as they could? The stunning beauty of many of the famous stars of Bollywood has often left us in wonder. However, have you ever think how they would seem without makeup? It is hard-to-believe, but true. Without makeup Bollywood actress do not look like they do on screen and at their stunning public looks. Some look plain, others have flawed skin or tired eyes. Only some actress looks nice even without the cosmetics. Most of us are in wonder of our movie stars – they look to have a sensational lifestyle and life, but our Bollywood actress don’t spend an easy life, they have to work truly hard to appear elegant, chic, and stylish all the time, and it takes a lot of loyalty to seem wonderful.  
How Bollywood Actresses Look Without MakeOver / Makeup
We suppose them to gaze ideal every day, it must be difficult for them to look perfect each time they step out.  Our Bollywood stars probably not captured by camera without makeup, some of them really do not mind so much, but some cover up their face with hands, hair, and handbags to stay away from the flashes of cameras.  In real life, these actresses have layers of cosmetics on and the strong arch lights show them differently than what they are in real life that might be the reason they shy away from cameras when they do not have their makeup on. 
While some of the Bollywood actress without makeup look relatively pretty, some look very usual. Because behind every attractive actress is an art of makeup artists and a fine two-hour extensive appointment with a concealed. Here is a look at some of the famous Bollywood stars and actresses without makeup

Famous Indian Actresses Without Makeover

Famous Indian Actresses Without Makeover

1-Alia Bhatt Without Makeup
Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

2- Ameesha Patel Without Makeup
Ameesha Patel Without Makeup

3- Anushka Sharma Without Makeup
Anushka Sharma Without Makeup

4- Bipasha Basu Without Makeup
Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

5- Deepika Padukone Without Makeup
Deepika Padukone Without Makeup

6- Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup
Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

7- Parineeti Chopra Without Makeup
Parineeti Chopra Without Makeup

8- Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup
Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup

9- Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup
Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup

10- Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup
Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup

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  1. Bollywood ExclusiveNovember 22, 2014 at 3:03 AM

    Anushka Looks Daam Good Without Makeup..Virat Kholi has a good choice.