Nida Ali is a brand of loyalty and consider in top fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry. She9 fashion survey observes that instead of economical fashion, The Nida Ali always emphasis on royal and luxury fashion. And that is why, Nida’s Collection is highly appreciated in every season. Few months ago, Nida Ali Luxury pret for Eid 2014 was highly appreciated in all over the world. And that is why, recently Nida Ali has released its Eil Ul Azha Collection with brand name Imtezaaj. Yes! It is “Imtezaaj Eid Collection 2014 by Nida Ali”. Nida Ali released this silk collection in Midsummer 2014  and in this Imtezaaj collection you will find out Silk Fabric with elegant self-embroidered fashion, and Self-Print designs. 
Nida Ali Eid Ul Azha Imtezaaj Collection 2014
In this Nida Ali Eid ul Azha Dresses, western fashion is highly protruding with eastern touch. You will notice Open Shirt, Tail Shirts, Drop corner shirts, Long shirts with trouser and small tights. You can find out even more, just scroll down and find out delicious fashion for this Eid Ul Azha by Nida Ali. Have a look.

Imtezaaj - Nida Ali Eid Exhibition
Imtezaaj - Nida Ali Eid Exhibition

Nida Ali Eid Ul Azha Imtezaaj Collection 2014Nida Ali Eid Ul Azha Imtezaaj Collection 2014

Nida Ali Imtezaaj Eid Collection 2014Nida Ali Imtezaaj Eid Collection 2014

Royal Silk for Eid Ul AzhaRoyal Silk for Eid Ul Azha

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