Alkaram launched a stream of new summer prints in Alkaram Spring Summer Collection 2015 vol-2 and showcased complete catalog of dresses on its official Facebook page. This is just not the ordinary summer dress launch of Alkaram but a complete summer clothing experience for young, beautiful and stylish girls of Pakistan. Alkaram has introduced everything in this volume 2 for everyone; if you are looking some embroidered formal stuff this catalog of Alkaram will provide you your dreamy formal embroidered summer dress. And if you are searching for a funky casual colorful dress for the casual happenings of summer 2015 Alkaram launched a series of colorful summer prints under “Pop Art” and “Rangon Ki Dunya”. Alkaram has also introduced summer kurti designs in ready-to-wear format in this Alkaram Spring Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog. So, this time Alkaram brings more than 150 contemporary summer prints to give you a real feminine look in this summer season 2015.

Alkaram Floral Prints for Summer 2015
Alkaram launched season’s most sizzling looks in floral prints. Alkaram launched 3 piece summer dresses comprising of floral printed shirt and dupatta with dyed shalwar. Akaram has also nourished the dresses in formal look with trendy, cultural and modern embroideries to give you formal elegant look. So, live a very own romantic summer 2015 with Alkaram dreamy floral summer lawn prints and feel the timeless elegance of floral prints throughout the summer 2015. Moreover, Alkaram also made some of energetic, artistic and creative summer prints of summer 2015 with aesthetic abstracts and amazing block prints.

Alkaram Kurti Designs 2015
For your summer 2015 casual happenings Alkaram introduced the most demanding summer dresses; yes, Alkaram Kurti designs 2015. In this collection Alkaram brings fabulous kurta designs in ready-to-wear format for your casual happenings. So, live the whole summer with lively colors and fabulous prints of Alkaram. Don’t miss the opportunity of happiness this summer 2015 and be the real feminine with style, elegance and fashion.

Tales of Persia | Alkaram Special for Summer 2015
Alkaram brings some prints from the heart of Persian civilization for you to give you royal look of the season. Alkaram Tales from Persia is the dress collection of summer 2015 that will remind you the ancient era of Persian fashion. The gorgeous prints are the best artistic work in feminine clothing; so, feel the classic beauty from the heart of classic Persia. Alkaram introduced Persian summer prints in this Alkaram Lawn Collection 2015 Volume-2.

Alkaram Ethnic Summer Prints
And if you are looking for some tribal prints are belongs to tribal areas and wants to experience the tribal lifestyle Alkaram’s Ethnic Summer Prints will be the best choice for you. Ethnic prints in tribal funk will remind you the real beauty of tribal areas with the feelings of colors, dreams and looks.

Alkaram Funky Pop Art
Especially made through artistic work of aesthetic block work and creative art Alkaram design Funky Pop Art for summer 2015 and launched in this Alkaram Summer Designs 2015 Edition-2 Catalog. These are the funky prints for your funky moments. Feel crazy and cheerful with Alkaram Funky Pop Art lawn prints and experience the happy phase of summer 2015. In this Funky Poo Art Alkaram introduced colorful dresses which have been made in exciting prints patterns that will lead you in “Rangon ki Dunya”.

Alkaram Studio- Summer 2015 Vol-2 Magazine
Alkaram Studio- Summer 2015 Vol-2 Magazine

Alkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2Alkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2

Alkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 CatalogAlkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog

Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog / MagazineSummer Collection 2015 Vol-2 Catalog / Magazine

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