It’s quite natural, every human wish to be honored, and admire the praising complements. But the magnitude of this attitude is quite high in women, especially young girls really wants to look bold, positive and a shining star among friends, parties and even in markets. Girls really wish to look beautiful as well; and today’s modern world beauty has some different meanings. Beauty isn’t having an innocent face, it comprises of many more things. Nowadays girls prefer to wear trendy fashionable clothing, stylish footwear and do perfect situation oriented makeover to look beautiful and bold. Pakistan is a place where fashion industry is excelling very swiftly. That’s the reason why more and more number of fashion brands and new fashion designers are becoming the part of our prestigious fashion industry. 

So, to facilitate the young modern girls of Pakistan, she9 arranged a poll on social media and asked about the “Top 10 Emerging Fashion Brands/Designers” of Pakistan. Interestingly, we got wonderful results. Therefore, our today’s article is all about the Best Emerging Clothing Designers of Pakistan which are contributing in promotion of international fashion and clothing trends. The following list of Top 10 Emerging Fashion and Clothing Brands/Designers of Pakistan purely are the results of exclusive poll held over social media.

Top 10 Emerging Fashion Brands/Designers of Pakistani Clothing Industry
Below is the exclusive list of top 10 emerging clothing brands of Pakistan. Have a look..!

1. Cross Stitch

Few days back, Cross Stitch Eid Lawn Collection 2015 rocked the fashion market and wins the hearts of girls. That was the glorious range of elegantly embellished lawn prints for Eid 2015. Hey, wait a minute, that’s not the reason Cross Stitch is in our list of our top 10 clothing brands of Pakistan, it is one of the finest pret brand of Pakistan. The specialty of Cross Stitch lies in its state of the art dress designing mechanism. Digitally printed silk fabric has been transformed into classy attires for young modern girls of Pakistan. 

2. Elan by Khadijah Shah

When we talked about the creative dress designers, name of Khadijah Shah certainly be in our mind. Starting from Lahore as Elan, know Elan by Khadijah Shah is the most promising fashion clothing brand. Khadijah Shah’s expertise in all sorts of feminine clothing making the brand Elan top emerging brand and that’s the reason why Elan by Khadijah Shah is our best list of Top 10 emerging clothing brands of Pakistan in all over the world. Elan by Khadijah Shah’s Romance Bridal Collection 2015 is one of the finest bridal dress ranges of 2015.

3. AFH—Ayesha Farook Hashwani

Though the brand was found in 2005, AFH remained snubbed brand. Ayesha Farook Hashwani was the kind of first lady dress designer who merged the modern/urban and cultural/classic clothing glamour into single fascinated, stylish and rigorous fashion attires. Now in recent years, Ayesha Farook Haswani—the clothing brand has emerged one of the finest clothing brands of Pakistan; and now in emerging fashion brands. AFH is a brand of stylish cuts, sophisticated prints and feminine expression. This year for summer season 2015 AFH launched Pure Collection—a combination of elegant classic prints in modern attires.

4. Asifa & Nabeel

After representing in PFDC LOREAL Paris Bridal Week 2012, Asifa & Nabeel never look back in its successful career. And now within 3 years Asifa & Nabeel has become the name of elegance, quality and style in chic clothing. Basically, the brand is representing the ethnicity of Kelash and Sindh—the two culturally enriched regions of Pakistan. Asifa & Nabeel is in our list of Top 10 Fashion and Clothing Brands of Pakistan due to its unique ethnic work both in formal and seasonal clothing. Asifa & Nabeel’s bridal dress collections are the real distinguished and classy attires for young Pakistani girls.

5. Beech Tree

The next clothing fashion brand in our list of top 10 clothing brands of Pakistan is “Beech Tree”. In women pret line, Beech Tree has its own distinguished place and class. After showcasing its debut collection in PSFW 2014, Beech Tree never stop producing stylish ready to wear for young modern Pakistani girls. In both dress lines—pret lines and semi-formal—Beech Tree is working with block and aesthetic prints embellishment of stylish modern dress accessory work for the comfort and style of modern feminine. Beech Tree’s latest Eid 2015 Collection really marked the success and appreciated by the audience in all fashion horizons. Beech Tree Porcelain Dreams 2015 is the latest luxury pret collection of Beech Tree. 

6. Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz started dress designing as independent dress designer in 2006, and after designing a class of haute and couture dresses for her clients finally Farah launched her formal label with the name of Farah Talib Aziz. Farah Talib Aziz is next in best 10 emerging fashion brands of Pakistan; and the reason why voters voted Farah Talib Aziz is very simple—Farah’s pret a porter and bridal dress collections. Farah knows how to transform young girls fashion needs into stylishly embellished elegant fashion attire.

7. Layla Chatoor

Recently showcased her dresses in PFDC and LOREAL Paris Bridal Week and Layla Chatoor made her place in fashion industry of Pakistan. She is the most experienced emerging fashion designers of Pakistan and now included in she9’s list of top 10 emerging clothing fashion brands/designers of Pakistan. Layla Chatoor’s culturally enriched modern attires, smei-formal dress lines and bridal dresses are the real representative work in clothing industry. Layla’s La Dolce Vita Luxury Pret Dress Collection 2015 is the latest creation rocking the fashion market nowadays.

8. Misha Lakhani

Getting fame after launching Modern Mughal Spring Summer 2015 dress collection, Misha Lakhani is next in the best of ten emerging fashion designers. Focusing on personalization, Misha working style is managing the culturally embellished modern dress designing technique and making a gloriously stylish dress for the client. Misha Lakhani has a sense of aesthetics, style and color schemes; so the designer is famous among young modern girls of Pakistan.

9. Nadia Farooqui

Nadia Farooqui is the next member in the list of  emerging fashion in Asia. She is very talented dress designer have expertise in pret line, casuals and semi-formals. Nadia Farooqui’s spring summer pret collection was the real hallmark in the industry. Nadia Farooqui expressing the feminine clothing wishes in Pakistan through her distinguished, elegantly nourished and stylishly embellished dresses.

10. Umsha by Uzma Babar

This year Umsha by Uzma Babar rocked the ramp by launching the two master class dress collections; one for the coming Eid 2015 (Buds and Blossoms) and one was the bridal dress collection (Shehnai Bridal Dress Collection). These two feminine dress collections are the real reflection of Umsha by Uzma Babar; she worked really well according to modern dress designing techniques and made stylishly elegant dresses. Umsha by Uzma Babar is the nest brand in she9’s top 10 emerging clothing brands of Pakistan.

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