Clothes have been the prime concern of mankind all the time and with the evolution of mankind we learned to make our lives better and prestigious. That the reason we are used to spend lot of money on our clothing. Is it just requirement or something? What is a brand? Have you ever thought what attracts you and what stimuli a particular brands have in you. This is craziest thing we have been doing. This is what brands used to sell; are you brand lover? What attracts you; price, quality or accessibility. These are all important features behind a successful brand. Today we will talk about the world’s top most expensive clothing brands and what makes the brands really expensive; glorious look, fabulous quality or something else. 

Ten Best Most Expensive Brands for Rich Girls

So, be with us as the countdown of top 10 most expensive clothing brands that can make you look richer and smart. Oh, wait a minute, there is something which I have to tell you about you. Yes, the smartness and luxurious beautiful look you have is the biggest reason behind your buying behavior. Isn’t it? Then you are not a brand lover, instead you are price conscious. So, this post is for the main concern of those people who are real brand lover. So, let’s make a list of most expensive clothing brands as we have hundreds of clothing brands offering luxury outfits to make you look richer and smart.
Below is the list of top 10 most expensive clothing brands which will make you look richer and smart. These all are highly popular all over the world—people really love the brands and wish to wear. 


World knows this brand; and we have Versace’s hundreds of copies all around the globe—and this is a stamp on brand popularity and Versace’s prestige in fashion horizons. Versace is an Italian high class fashion brand offering a wide range of fashion products—a complete fashion lifestyle—for young and modern girls. Versace always followed modern clothing trends and now it is one of the finest fast fashion players. The reason that why Versace is so expensive and in our list of top 10 most expensive clothing brands is so simple. Versace is a name of quality and quality always remain expensive. Versace is designing fashionable clothing with the expensive stuff for your luxurious look and to make you look smart and fashionable.


The brand with high street fashion repute and the most expensive denim jeans line is also the part of our top 10 most expensive clothing fashion brands. Yes, this is Guess—an American high class luxury fashion clothing brand—and this to make you look richer and smart. Buy Guess and wear the most expensive denim jeans stuff this summer.


You wanna look richer, smart and elegant? Wear Dior; this is also a high class clothing brand but have a special class instead. If you are a lover of elegant, glamourous and sophisticated suiting, Dior would be the better choice. Dior is the part of our top 10 most expensive clothing brands because Dior clothing outfits are so expensive.


Valentino—an emerging fashion brand is at the bottom of list, but still the most expensive clothing brand. We can say Valentino the most expensive evening wear clothing brand in the world. Valentino always introduced highly sophisticated quality clothing for all season.


You probably love to wear Armani—the stylish and elegant clothing brand. With prestigious brand equity and spacious clothing ranges Armani is one of the top 10 most expensive clothing brands. Armani is getting bigger and now presenting its products in more than 30 countries officially. Armani is one of the clothing brands equally popular for all its clothing ranges including formals, luxury and casuals. But of you love to wear casual stuff, wear Armani, this is the best.

D&G (Dolce and Gabbana)

World knows it as D&G, and D&G is the sole of high end classical luxury fashion wear. Yes, off course this is one of the most expensive clothing brands of world. This is the brand which can really make you look richer and smart—just like a celebrity. Having its roots deep in Italian culture, Dolce and Gabbana always promoted Italian values, fashion and clothing styles.


You probably thinking that how Channel can be in the list, take a breadth. Channel is now ranked in top 5 most expensive clothing brands. The brand is gaining its momentum in sales and demand as well. If you are looking for the trendier fashion and quality too, go for Channel, it’s really special and glorious. 


If we called Gucci the world’s most demanding and expensive clothing brand, it could not be wrong. It is most demanding and highly demanding fashionable clothing brand in showbiz, Bollywood and business class. The quality of fabric, stuff and uniqueness of patterns, styles and trend are the plus points of Gussi making it the most expensive clothing brand in our top 10 list.


Prada is famous with its leather made clothing; and if you wanna wear leather attires Prada is best choice. With finest fashion designing and luxurious use of accessories, Prada is making the worlds luxurious and expensive clothing and that’s the reason we have ranked Prada at high in our top 10 most expensive clothing brands that can make you look richer and smart.


Another Italian clothing brand is in the list of top most expensive clothing brands of world. Fendi is a real representative of high end fashion—the real class and stylish feel. So, be smart and wear Fendi. 

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