Why the skin around my finger nails is peeling? You often asked this question to yourself, asked from others, beauty experts or at least google it. Don’t you have satisfactory answer? Don’t worry today we will explain everything to you; what are the reasons of skin peeling, how this could damage your beauty and what are the remedies to get rid of.

Best Way To Get Rid of  Peeling around Finger Nails

Best Way To Get Rid of  Peeling around Finger Nails


This is very common problem and found every age of men and women. The primary reason of skin peeling around finger nails is the sensitivity of skin. The skin around our finger nails is very sensitive and can damage easily. Other reasons could be;
  • Sunburn
  • Cold and Dry Atmosphere
  • Dry Skin
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Reaction of some chemical material
  • Fungal Infection and Allergy
  • Vitamin Deficiency


Peeling skin can left you discomfort, damage your confidence level and can cause embarrassment at date or in a party.


There are certain remedies of skin peeling around finger nails you can try; or simply you can visit dermatologists. But this will cost you a bit more. Today we have brought top 10 remedies of skin peeling around the finger nails because we care you and your beauty. You can simply do this at home. These remedies will let you comfortable with smooth cuticles, beautiful healthy nails and smooth shiny fingertips.

1. Use of Warm Water
Soaking hands in warm water is one of the viable home based easy remedy of skin peeling of finger nails. Try it right now and be relaxed.
2. Use of Cucumber
You can use Cucumber for skin peeling around finger nails in the following way. Make slices of Cucumber and gently rub on finger tips for smooth and fresh cuticles.
3. Use of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera gel is also a fine remedy of skin peeling. Apply Aloe Vera gel for 5 minutes and get fresh skin around your finger nails in a week.
4. Use of Honey
You can get fresh skin around finger nails by rubbing honey. Continue this practice for a week.
5. Use of Olive Oil
Moisturize your fingers and nail tips with olive oil and get peel free skin around your finger nails in few days.
6. Use of Petroleum Jelly
Use of petroleum jelly is also effective in that way. Gently rub petroleum jelly on effected nail tip and get smooth peel free finger nails.
7. Use of Oats
Paste of oats is another home based remedy for peeling skin around finger nails. Mix oats powder in warm water for thick paste. Gently rub that oats paste on infected area for smooth and gentle skin.
8. Use of Coconut Oil
Gently rub skin around the finger nails and get smooth, healthy and gentle skin in few days.
9. Use of Milk
Use milk in combination of honey and gently apply the mixture on infected nail skin for healing effect.
10. Use of Banana Pulp
Banana pulp has been widely used for the treatment of skin peeling around the neck. Apply banana pulp on infected area for 10 minutes daily.

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