What is replica? It a copy of the original or branded product. Well, you can find out replica in the form of watches, dresses, cosmetics, mobiles, software, shoes, electronics and a lot of other products. Here, She9 is going to share its experience of Replica Dresses, which is nowadays very common in the market. The reason for sharing this topic is to give awareness of replica, what are the benefits, disadvantages and solution how to keep away from replica if someone is cheating with you. Hope you will like it. 

Simple Steps to Identify the Replica Dresses
Replica dress market is booming nowadays in all over the Pakistan/India and that’s why small brands are facing a big thread as compare with big brands because big brands have a big quantity of brand lovers. Well, you have to also admit that comparatively, rates are suitable for the middle class and upper-middle-class in Pakistan and India. And that’s why people love to buy replica which is just like the original dress as compare with branded, costly and good quality product because it is easily accessible. But it does not fare Conscience.

10 Tricks to Identify the replica Dresses
  1. Color Combination | Original or real branded dresses have perfect color combination and have te guarantee of color bleeding.
  2. Missing accessories of Dresses | To reduce the cost of the replica dresses some accessories of the dress are skip are replace with print on sleeves, bottom border or trouser. 
  3. Missing poster or blur on model face | Poster of the dress will not in the packet or face of the model in the poster with being blur with any tool. 
  4. Embroidered Design Will not 100% the same | To reduce the price of the dresses some designers change the thread or reduce the floral area of the dress.
  5. Fabric Quality | well, brand loves can easily identify the replica in case of fabric issue. The fabric of the replica dress will be low as compared with the branded or original dress.
  6. Rates | comparatively the rates will be low because replica designer uses low quality of embroidery or reduce the embroidered area to compete for the cost.
  7. Packing of Dress
  8. Unofficial Page or Unauthorized Dealer
  9. Written Replica / Copy / R / Mater Copy
  10. Brand Name Missing or Wrong | GUL Ahmed (with GULL AHMAD) Asim jofa with Asim Joofa, Alkaram with AKRAM, Khaadi with Khaddi, Elan with Elaan or Alan, Charizma with Charezma, Firdous with Firdoos, Motifz with Motifs, Orient with Oorient, Sana Safinaz with Sona Safina, Satrangi with Satrang.

Benefits of Replica Dresses in Pakistan/India
  • Comparatively low Rate 
  • Convenient to purchase
  • Accessories Don’t matter / Design matter
  • Available in all types of fabrics
  • Available in all types of the price range

Best Solution to Buy an Original Dress
  • Official Pages or Stores
  • Authorized Store
  • Check all Accessories
  • Check Quality of Fabric and Embroidery

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