Shireen Lakdawala is Pakistan’s one of those designers who never fail to impress her customers. She works exactly according to a woman’s needs and understands well what goes in her mind. Therefore, she keeps bringing different dress collections and recently launched Afreen Collection for formals and semi-formals. There are unique and intricately designed dresses that are a combination of traditional and modern dresses in this collection that will make you look exceptional. Have a look into the details as to what it brings for you.

How Does Shireen Lakdawala work?
She is one of the leading Pakistani dress designers who won customers’ hearts in a short period. It has been just a few years since she came into the fashion industry and has already gotten famous. It took her a year in making her identification, and since then, she has been bringing amazingly unique dresses. She deals in women’s clothing only and keeps introducing new designs for them. The collections are according to the time and demands of her customers. For instance, she brought summer clothes earlier and now brings Afreen Collection that is a set of semi-formals and formals.

What Makes Afreen Collection Unique?
Attending a party or an occasion is apparent in every lady’s life. You have to fulfill social responsibilities from time to time, and for that, you have to dress accordingly. A dress speaks about the personality; therefore, you should always wear something that makes you look stylish. This worry is nicely taken care of when you wear one of Shireen Lakwala’s dresses from Afreen Collection. Each article on the collection is designed in detail so that you look amazingly chic when you wear it.

Afreen Collection is unique in its own way. Shireen Lakdwala took care of the designing and detailing of each dress; therefore, they look distinguishing when compared to other brands. Some dresses are a combination of both modern and traditional time that look outstandingly unique. There are different colors and fabric used to make different options for you to choose from. Some dresses like Silver Blue and Tea Rose are heavy so they go for a big event. However, there are others like BurlyWood and Honey Due that are lighter and go for a smaller setting.

How to Shop at Shireen Lakdawala?
Shopping at Shireen Lakdawla’s official website is just like buying at any other store. There are different categorical divisions, and you can easily choose from one of them. You can select Afreen Collection from the main homepage where it is widely displayed and can be seen in an instant when you go to the website. And, you can also select it from the “new arrivals” category. It will take you directly to the entire collection where you can choose a dress of your choice. Look into the details before purchasing, and call the customer care department if you have queries after looking and reading the details. Add it to the cart only when you are satisfied.

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