Few days ago, Firdous Cloth Mills introduced it's Firdous Winter Collection 2012-2013, in which firdous cloth mill introduced gorgeous collection containing good quality fabric and new trend of dresses. But due to upcoming bridal season now recently Firdous Cloth Mills introduced Firdous Embroidered Dresses for winter 2012-2013. These Firdous Embroidered Range contains thread embroidery, printed embroidery and motif work, some of these dresses contains heavy embroidery. All these Firdous Collection contains pencil trouser with long embroidered shirt, Let's see what is new in Firdous Embroidered Winter Dresses 2012-2013.

Firdous Embroidered Range for Winter

Firdous Printed Embroidery

Embroidery Work on Long Shirt

Heavy Embroidery Work

Firdous Winter Embroudered Dresses

Firdous Winter Collection 2012-13

Firdous Casual Dresses with Pencil Trouser

Firdous New Collection for Winter 2012-13

Embroidered Dresses by Firdous

Firdous Long Shirt with Pencil Trouser

Firdous Traditional Embroidery Dresses

Traditional Firdous Dresses

Firdous Winter Collection 2012-13

Firdous Winter / Fall Dresses

Firdous Bridal Dresses

Firdous Winter Dresses 2012-13

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