Fashion has changed and keeps changing globally. Pakistani Fashion industry have adopted certain things from international market as well and now grooming to compete at world level. In 2012 lots of changes have been observed in fashion industry and if we say that the year is just a start of new era it won't be wrong. Everyone now wants to look pretty, gorgeous and stylish especially the girls want to have latest stylish branded dresses in their wardrobe.
As we know that lot of new brands and designers have come in market and they are providing gorgeous stuff to the audience. Pehnawa Pret and Fashion is one of them providing trendy yet cultural stuff in women clothing. It was established some years ago to offer fashionable ladies attires. The brand has been introduced by Saba Irfan and Zahra Mansoor, the two incredible and talented dress designers from the land of Zinda Dil people. The designers are fairly innovative and capable of developing ideal costumes for different events. The clothing of Pehnawa Pret and Fashion usually have a mixture of southern intricacies and embroidering with modern elements. The mixture of top quality materials, rich designs and lustrous rocks will absolutely pleasure anybody's eyes. It offers an excellent variety of casual, semi-formal, formal and wedding use clothing for females. The developers can be approached for consultation via phone or email.

Pehnawa Pret and Coture Formal Wear
Pehnawa has recently launched latest Pret and Couture Formal Wear Collection of 2012. This has a variety of dresses suitable for evening use, party wear and for casual use. Pehnawa formal 2012 Collection involve Anarkali frocks mostly. They have wonderful and complex embroidering on the front of the tops, which are quite long. The clothing is excellent for dressed in to marriages. The formal are really stylish and conventional simultaneously. The styles of the clothing meet the designer in Pakistan. Common southern use clothing is included in Pehnawa formal 2012. On the whole, Pehnawa formal 2012 will fit females of all age groups due to their fashionable but conventional styles.

Embroidered Dresses Range

Party Wear Embroidered Dresses

Bridal Embroidered Dresses

Angrakha Shirt

Embroidered Long Shirt Range

Bridal Embroidered Dresses

Pehnawa Embroidered Pishwas

Embroidered Open Shirt
The dress has been designed according to the latest pattern prevailing in fashion world now days. This collection will provide you a better choice to select a dress for upcoming wedding season as well. The collection was especially designed for young girls who like wear formal yet cultural dresses.

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