South Asian clothing fashion in a shift change, everything is being modified, creativity class and classics have been installing through latest technological and creative means. So, there is superb atmosphere everywhere, lots of nice things are available to see with class and comfort. Everybody seems in a fashion craze. I would like to explain the reasons of this paradigm shift in South Asian fashion industry trends especially in India and Pakistan. Globalization and media has played remarkable role in this shift. The shift is not only observed in fashion industry but the culture, norms and occasions also have changed. Shalwar kameez is being considered the most simple and widely used dress in India and Pakistan. Traditionally shalwar kamezz has been used in different styles, slightly changed according to the demographic circumstances, but now in this age of information globalization and internet has changed the entire concept of clothing fashion. Now days, the prototype of shalwar kameez that is being used in India and Pakistan is the reflection of fashion shift. Now days long Kameez with different types of trousers (shalwar) is in fashion. Designers has made remarkable changing’s in the designs and patterns of long salwar fashion. Today she9 team has brought a very decent, elegant and fabulous collection of long Salwar designs of famous Pakistani designers. All the long kurti’s / long kameez in this collection have latest pattern and beautiful modern designs. The designs have been beautify with cultural embroidery but in modern ways. Hope this modern and latest long kameez designs collection will touch your hearts in best conduct.

Long Kameez Designs

Latest Long Kameez Designs

Long kurti Craze

Long Kameez Fashion

Latest Collection of Long kameez

Long Shirts 2013-2014

Party Wear Long kameez

Embroidered Long kameez

Long kameez with casual trouser

Funky Long Kameez

Double Shades Kameez

Party Wear Long Shirts

Colorful Long Shirt

Long Shirt / Kurti with Churi-pajama

Source: Ahsan Designs
Photography: Shahid Malik
Hair & Makeup: Mariam Ali & Eesha

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