Makeup (Beauty and Skin Care) has been an essential part of humankind for thousands of years. The origin of makeup and beauty care cannot be digging out but classically it starts from the use of copper and lead ore from the age of ancient Egypt. At that time women were used lead and copper to make their eyes, lips and face beautiful. Since then the evolution and research on best cosmetics has been taken and today it has developed a multibillionaire industry. Today’s modern society has obsessed with appearance and look and feel. Ladies have become even more conscious about skincare rather than health. The modern circumstances have supported the emergence of modern beauty and makeup tricks and techniques. The science of makeup is just nothing rather than making your appearance good and presentable.

Makeup has been used on many occasions, celebrations and to enhance the beauty. In South Asian culture it is essential for ladies to look presentable and do makeup on certain occasions and celebrations like Eid, Diwali, and Weddings and on other cultural events. In economic perspectives makeup has become a professional industry which is not just including cosmetics, but the makeup salons. In all over the world we have very professionalized makeup salons incorporating branches, franchises and outlets across the world. Like other countries, here in Pakistan we also have some world class beauty salons offering makeup and beauty care services all over the country. Oh, I got you, you are thinking about the Depilex, isn’t it? I am dam sure you are thinking about Depilex. Okay, so today we will discuss about Depilex.

Depilex is the prime beauty and makeup salon of Pakistan which is being recognized at world level. It was developed in 1980 by Musarat Misbah a very kind and beautiful lady. She is being considered the most influential beauty expert of Pakistan which actually set a trend of professional makeup beautician in Pakistan. She is a graduate and also holds various professional makeup and beautician certificates. She is well known, professional and most influential lady of Pakistani fashion world. Depilex is a complete package offering variety of makeup and beauty services in its more than 30 institutes. Depilex is equipped with highly professional and expert staff, tools and service areas. Depilex has a clear vision and working with a passion and customer satisfaction priorities. After a long period of success Depilex is being headed by Redah Misbah a lady with a clear vision and positive attitude of customer satisfaction. She is a graduate in fashion industries from London School of Business. She also holds professional diplomas and degrees in hair and cosmetology. Her fresh, more modern views and visionary ideas will lead Depilex to a new era. The best management practices are being ensured at Depilex under the highly trained staff by the Depilex institute. Depilex will a complete skincare institute one day because Nighat Misbah (elder daughter) has completed her MBBS and she is in abroad for her professional beauty and skincare courses.

Deplix has introduced a quite new trend in Pakistani fashion industry and started beauty training institutes offering world class makeup and beauty courses. The Depilex institutes are affiliated with highly renowned institutes of world. At Depilex institutes tact’s, techniques and courses of hair dressing, makeup, beauty care and skin therapy has been taught by world class professionals. The diplomas of Depilex are recognized in Canada, USA, UK and Australian embassies. In other professional services, Depilex is offering beauty clinical services incorporating beauty therapy, cosmetology and hair sciences. In makeup services Depilex is providing;

Instead of above wide range of makeup services Depilex also providing professional services in photo shoot and creative work. Depilex is offering Hair Styling, Coloring, Hair therapy, Hair care services—straightening and treatment, Facials and body therapy services. Health Center is new and emerging business of Depilex. In Health Center Depilex is providing physical and mental treatment related to skin health like Yoga, Aerobics and Palates.

Note: This article is all about the history and evolution of Makeup and Depilex role in Pakistani fashion industry. It is just an informative article and the information in this article has taken from the official source of Depilex and is not the property of she9.blogspot.com. If you have any concern with this article, you can contact with us officially, we will remove the content for the sake of good. In case of acquiring Depilex makeup or other services please go to the official website of Depilex or visit recent Depilex beauty salon.

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