Well in marathon of Eid Collection 2013, Gul Ahmed has won the game. Celebrate the luxurious events of this Eid with style and look, celebrate this Eid 2013 with Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed has launched its Gul Ahmed Festive Eid Collection 2013. Audience was keen for this collection and expressed a rainbow of expression with this launch. The collection consists of luxurious dresses nourished with very charming designs, fabulous embroidered work and brand new patterns. This Eid you will extremely shine with eye catching Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2013 dresses. Eid is a most awaiting event in Pakistan and has been celebrated with happiness and joy. Girls want to look different and chose unique and different dresses. For those girls Gul Ahmed has introduced its fancy dress collection of 2013.

Gul Ahmed has now become a leading fashion trend setter and a textile giant of Pakistan. Gul Ahmed has a credit of several remarkable works in the field of textile and fashion designing. With the best team of designer, state of the art technology and creative marketing team Gul Ahmed has developed its name at top of the list. Gul Ahmed has set many new ideas and trends in Pakistani fashion industry which has become the must have success factors for every textile and fashion icon.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2013-2014
Gul Ahmed has no need for further description but here I want to elaborate the design philosophy of Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed is being design attires with a luxurious look in affordable prices. There are two main design of Gul Ahmed. One is printed design and the other is embroidered and nourished with dress designing. The print of this collection has been design according to the top fashion trends prevailing in market. All the dresses are of top quality fabric with Gul Ahmed guarantee. The dresses have been nourished with unique embroidered lace strip and fashionable accessory to make the dresses fancier for Eid. 

Essenza De Silk
100% Pure silk, embroidered front, back, embroidered yoke, printed sleeves, silk dupatta & dyed shalwar 
Price: Rs. 4,500

Pure silk chiffon, embroidered front, printed back, sleeves, embroidered chiffon dupatta, & dyed shalwar
Price: Rs. 4,800

Single Lawn Collection
Price: Rs. 838                                          Price: Rs. 838

Normal Lawn Collection
Price: Rs. 838                                         Price: Rs. N/A 

Price: Rs. 5,500                                         Price: Rs. N/A

Price: Rs. 4,500                                         Price: Rs. 4,500

Price: Rs. 4,500                                         Price: Rs. 4,800

Gul Ahmed Normal Lawn
Price: Rs. 3,000

Price: Rs. 3,000                                         Price: Rs. 3,000

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn
Price: Rs. 3,800                                         Price: Rs. 3,800

Price: Rs. 2,700                                         Price: Rs. 4,800

Price: Rs. 5,500                                         Price: Rs. 5,500

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