The fast fashion trend has grasped the whole world. Especially the apparel and fashion industry has affected at large scale. The fields of fashion and apparel designing, brand marketing, market structure and consumption patterns has changed with the emergence of fast fashion. The fashion industries of South Asian countries also have adopted the changing patterns of market which have been affected due to the global impact of fast fashion. Textile manufacturers, apparel retailers and fashion designers have changed their working style accordingly. With the changing trends the Pakistani fashion industry has shifted in new era. The fashion designers who were in fashion colleges, universities or busy in establishing their profiles have now become professional. The whole industry has become mature more than ever and enjoying the peak. The emerging designers have developed fashion industry so strong and an independent organisation. The work of Pakistani fashion designers is awesome and promoted the industry in all over the world. 

Shamaeel Ansari Funky Dresses
Today we have brought a fabulous collection of one of the artistic designer of Pakistani fashion industry. Yes, you guess the right lady—a lady who is famous as “Queen of Style” in Pakistan that is one and only the prestigious fashion icon of Pakistan. This is Shamaeel Ansari. Shamaeel Ansari has been interested in fashion designing and that was the fact she joined fashion industry even after getting a graduate degree in Finance from University of California. She has lots of ambitions and aims regarding fashion. Today everyone knows her very well as a shining star of fashion industry. Her designed dresses have been liked and her efforts have been appreciated by the audience. She has got a huge fame and success in a very short time of span. Today we will present you a very distinguished and unique piece of work by Shamaeel Ansari, yes it is the latest collection of Queen of Style which she has launched recently.

The collection consists of very creative and funky dresses which Shamaeel Ansari has designed for “The Girls of Today”. The collection consists of modernly designed casual shalwar kameez which has been modified according to the latest fashion trends with the amalgamation of western fashion touch. However the dresses have printed designs which are based on cultural values. The dresses have been developed in a very unique color schemes which you have never seen before. The embroidered touch has made all the attires fancier and elegant. Hope you will like the tremendous work of Shamaeel Ansari in this “Shamaeel Ansari Dress Collection of 2013”

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