Gul Ahmed has marked another milestone in the realm of fashion and clothing by introducing a wide array of Cambric Collection 2013. It is moment of making new innovative styles through which the lifestyles of user are undergoing new experience in clothing. The latest Cambric Collection for Mid Summer 2013, ranging from parties to daily, routine life cycle has been introduced to fit into fashion galaxy of people converting them from wearers to pulsating stars of nova. Cambric Collection is a unique blend of different colours and designs in consonance with new trends unmatchable and peerless in making the experience of wearers cherished and relishing with novelty and new outlook. 

Colours—dark, shining and light—are appropriately embossed on finest piece of cloth to compete in the market with an unparalleled advantage of brand name keeping up quality at highest level. Gul Ahmed—a niche in clothing—has tried its best to keep its momentum and pace with rapidly changing wearers’ mind through Cambric Collection 2013. Well-knitted and embroidered designs have given a new lease of life of clothing in this latest Collection of Gul Ahmed

Embroidered Cambric Collection
 Price: Rs 5,000                                  Price: Rs 3,500

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Dresses
 Price: Rs 3,000

Embroidered Chiffon Collection
Price: Rs 4,500

Embroidered Chiffon Collection-2013
 Price: Rs 4,500

Embroidered Chiffon & Essenza De Silk
Price: Rs 4,500

Chantilly Collection 2013
Price: Rs 5,000 

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Cambric
 Price: Rs 2,500

Printed Cambric Collection 2013
 Price: Rs 2,500

Chantilly & Embroidered Cambric Collection
Price: Rs 4,500                                       Price: Rs 2,500

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