This is Schiffli Bridal Lehenga Collection 2013 exclusively collected from India—the land of creativity in dress making. Lehenga is one of the formal and native dresses of Indian and Pakistani culture which is mostly being used in wedding events. It is also exclusively used as a bridal dress both for wedding and reception day and even selected as a mandatory dress for wedding parties. Women other than bride also like to wear Lehenga dress in wedding parties. This exclusive Schiffli Bridal Lehenga Collection will provide you a best choice catalogue for upcoming wedding season in India and Pakistan.

Schiffli Embroidered Ghagra Choli For Weddings
Schiffli is an embroidered fabric which is being exclusively embroidered on Schiffli embroidery machines. This is basically a technique which is used to manufacture all over embroidered fabric usually on simple/plain fabric. This type of embroidery has cut the cost of handmade embroidery and is being widely used to manufacture bridal dresses.

Latest Bridal A-Line Lehenga Choli
In this Schiffli Bridal Lehenga Collection 2013, you have a great choice of color and design nourished with fancy embroidery work. Lehenga’s are available in all trendy patterns like fishtail lehenga, simple casual style, A-Line, Round Cut, Straight Cut, Round lehenga and in butterfly pattern. Moreover the collection will give you a vast choice of blouse. Blouses are also available in half sleeve, sleeveless and shoulder less patterns. Finally the collection will also give you a mix-palate of trendy, bold and attractive colors. Hope you will like this Schiffli Bridal Lehenga Collection 2013. Like our Facebook page and leave your comments below…!

Ghagra Choli For Weddings

Latest Bridal A-Line Lehenga

Bridal Lehenga Designs

Ever Green Lehenga Style

Fish Tail Lehenga / Ghagra Choli

Gorgeous Black & Maroon Lehenga / Ghagra

Weddings Wear Lehenga

Bridal Circular Lehenga Style

Straight-Cut Lehenga

Bridal Straight-Cut Lehenga

Bridal Ghagra with Half Sleeve Choli

Schiffli Embroider Lehengas

Bridal Walima Party Lehenga

FishCut Lehenga Design

Bridal Red Lehenga Choli

Bridal Glamorous Lehenga Choli

Traditional Lehengas

Indian Bridal A-Line Lehenga

Bridal Ghagra & Blouse for Weddings

Schiffli Embroidered Fish Tail Lehenga

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