Gul Ahmed released its Gul Ahmed winter collection-13 Vol-1 in month of October-13 and now recently Gul Ahmed released its brand new winter catalog collection 2013 vol-2. Yes! Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013 Vol-2 is out now. All these latest collection of Gul Ahmed winter dresses have stunning long shirts, casual shirts, Salwar Kameez, Angrakha designs and many more. Let's have a look Gul-Ahmed Winter dresses-13 Vol-2.

Gul Ahmed Winter Catalog 2013 Vol-2
Price 4,500 PKR

Gul Ahmed unveiled its brilliant winter collection vol-II, which are now available in store from 22nd November 2013 in this volume-2 you will find out Black & White patterns of dresses, Cashmere Digital prints, Chantilly De Chiffon, Embroidered Khaddar, Fancy Embroidered Khaddars, Fancy Khaddar, Pali Khaddar, Pali Collection, Pali Embroidered, Pali Single, Pashmina Shawls, Single Twill Viscose, Viscose  and Gul Ahmed Linen collection. These unstitched Gul Ahmed dresses are in single shirt, two piece, three piece and four piece dresses with printed or embroidered shirts/kameez, dupatta and dyed salwar and trousers. She9 is presenting these Gul Ahmed Winter Vol-2 Collection 2013 with prices and these dresses are taken from Gul Ahmed Magazine and official online store of Gul Ahmed. Hope you will like all these 2nd edition of Gul Ahmed winter collection 2013.

Gul Ahmed Fancy Khaddar Dress
Price 4,000 PKR

Gul Ahmed Fancy Embroidered Khaddar Dress
Price 3,500 PKR

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Chiffon
Price 4,500 PKR

Gul Ahmed Cashmere Digital Dresses
Price 4,000 PKR

Gul Ahmed Pali Collection for Winter 2013
Price 3,000 PKR

Gul Ahmed Printed Dress
Price 3,000 PKR

Gul Ahmed Long Shirts with Churi Pajama
Price 3,000 PKR

Fancy Printed Dresses
Price 3,000 PKR                                Price 3,300 PKR

Gul Ahmed Pali Embroidered Dress
Price 3,500 PKR

Gul Ahmed Viscose / Linen Dresses
Price 2,800 PKR

Gul Ahmed Linen Dresses
Price 2,800 PKR

Gul Ahmed Linen Collection for Winter 2013
Price 2,800 PKR

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Khaddar Collection
Price 4,800 PKR

2013 Collection of Gul Ahmed
Price 4,200 PKR                                     Price 4,000 PKR

Khaddars by Gul Ahmed
Price 3,500 PKR

Thread Embroidered Khaddars
Price 3,500 PKR

Gul Ahmed Fall Khaddars

Gul Ahmed Winter Black & White Prints
Price 2,700 PKR

Note: All these Gul Ahmed dresses are taken from official store of Gul Ahmed to present the latest fashion in market and what is upcoming trend for girls. All the prices mentioned in this post are taken from official website which can be changeable.

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