Mehndi has been used in colonial India to nourish hands and feet with colorful paste. Henna was not only used to fetch beautiful designs but also been using for fragrance. So nowadays girls used henna designs on almost every occasion like Eid, Dewali or Christmas or whatever it would be. So today we have brought some elegant Mehndi designs for our Christian visitors for coming Christmas. These designs have been setup by Lali creations. Let’s have a closer look to all Mehndi designs.

Lali has become the most famous Mehndi designer. Lali has gain inspiration from Indian culture as it is so rich and colorful. Lali have always been artistic, studying design at university, then working in marketing and as a creative art worker for various creative fashion brands. Just look at designs and feel the variety and smoothness. Lali has simply got a remarkable talent. Lali has expertise in Bridal Mehndi and Wedding Mehndi Designs but these are best for Christmas 2013-2014.

Best Christmas Mehndi Designs
South Asian people really love colors, magnetism and alluring style. In different regions people have different values, merriment and occasions to celebrate. They used to wear different dresses, different celebrations, different foods and different styles but, guess what has become common with the passage of time in all South Asian Region. It is not only exists and get famous in South Asia but also gradually grabbing Middle East and Europe as well. Yes, this is henna (Mehndi).

Lali Creation Mehndi Designs

Elegant Bridal Wedding Mehndi & Christmas Mehndi

Designer Christmas Party Mehndi

Simple & Beautiful Christmas Mehndi/Henna

Difficult Mehndi for Hands

Lali Hena/Mehndi Creation

Best Mehndi Designs for Christmas
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Designer: Lali Henna Creation
Contact: 07825 883406

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  1. its really used for coming christmas

  2. can someone explain the Christian meanings behind the designs since they're Christmas Henna tattoos?