Day before yesterday we have published a collection of Abaya dresses, exclusively from the presented by  largest online store of Gulf. That collection of Abaya dresses has widely encouraged and liked by the audience and we have receive hundreds of requests to publish some more elegant, extravagantly stylish and new trends of Abaya dresses. Again we have selected new trendy and stylish Abaya dresses from the same source. Let's See Trendy Abaya by Luja Abaya.

It is not only the largest online apparel store in gulf but also have the finest quality and state of the art designs of ethnic wears. This time we have brought a brand new collection of Luja Abaya dresses. Luja Abaya house has recently launched their new Abaya, stylish Abaya and casual Abaya dresses exclusively on MarkaVIP online clothing store. One can simply visit and select her favorite Abaya dress and get it on doorsteps. Let’s have a closer look to all Luja Abaya dresses.

Trendy Abaya Collection 2014
Luja Abaya House is a leading Abaya manufacturer and designer of Gulf. Luja has launched various collections of Abaya dresses and this is a new addition to its series of collections. In this collection Luja has introduced some new patterns of Gulf Abaya dress. New patterns have been developed by modifying and enriching the conventional, formal, casual, and baggy and frock style Abaya dresses. Moreover Luja has nourished these Abaya dresses with some colorful strip material and use of strip is simply magical and looking marvelous. Hope you will also like this Luja Abaya dress Collection for 2014-2015 as you do the previous one. Keep stick with she9 for more fashion updates, gossips and brand stories.

Arabian Abaya with Maroon Stripe

Gulf Abaya by Luja Abaya

Stylish Abaya

New Trend of Abaya in Gulf

Little Embroidered work on Abaya

Floral Work on Abaya

Luxury Abaya Style

Stylish Abaya with Collar 

Elegant Abaya Style

Muslim Abaya Style

Sharara Abaya Trend
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