Weather is changing its style day by day, and the feeling of little extra warmness in atmosphere bringing cheer and making people crazy. People are keeping change their lifestyle after passing the each day of this stunning winter season 2014. With every passing moment the colorful and dazzling spring season of 2014 keeping closer and closer. Soon we will smell the sweet warmness, fragrance of seasonal flowers, and cheer of birds and ever fresh sight of our colorful culture. 

But this would not make sense without something extra. So, like a caring mom, we have brought the ever first dress collection of the coming spring season 2014. Yes, this is Nishat Linen Spring/Summer Collection of 2014. Nishat has launched its first spring collection in last week and won the non-stopping marathon of spring summer dress collection. In this fabulous spring collection 2014  Nishat has introduced some stunning patterns and printed lawn designs ranging from Pattern Play, Thinking Fashion, Pop-up Look, Go green, Terrific Textiles, Blooming Summer, Rich Dynasty, Dazzling Blue, and Cool Hues prints. I will not take more of your time, here we go to have the look on entire exclusive collection of Nishat Linen for 2014 spring summer season. In this collection Nishat has revealed the emerging dress design philosophy instead of exhibiting dress printing ideas. 

NL-Pret Spring/Summer Catalogue 2014
Nishat has presented the ever-fresh array of style, glamour and colors in this glorious spring summer collection. This collection consists of linen, chiffon and lawn fabric prints exhibiting flourish colors specially made for the spring season. 

Nishat Linen Pret Spring Catalogue
Floral regime could not end. Nishat has designed several floral prints exhibiting the native beauty of South Asian regional cultures. The schema is eye catching. One can use these dresses for parties as well. Whereas, some dresses are exhibiting embroidered prints, abstract patterns and lining charisma. 

Latest Trend in N-Pret
 Designers have also replicated some regional design patterns in this collection and printed rajhistani abstract work. The dresses are looking marvelous with the combination of beautiful color scheme. Warm colors are increasing the intensity of beauty.

Nishat-Linen Pret for Jeans
Plain beauty Nishat has also introduced some dresses with plain background and some have a patchy lookalike embroidered stuff to nourish the beauty of the dresses.

Catalogue Collection of Nishat Linen
Spot illusion Nishat has used the spot illusion technique effectively to develop abstract cum floral prints. Colorful background with solo color spot drama is looking nice and gorgeous in this regime of spring/summer ladies dress collection. Nishat designers have put their best efforts to cheer this spring dress collection with color heaven. 

NL-Kurta for Girls
Dresses are available in all leading stores of Nishat and one can also take these from Nishat official e-store. Dresses have been designed for sleeveless, full sleeve, neckline patterns. One can make an open shirt style as well. Most of the dresses have printed designs on both sides. Backside styles are more elegant and versatile.

Abstracts by NL-Pret-S-14

Tribal Fusion at NL-Pret-2014

Printed & Embroidered Collection by N-Pret

 Half-Bane Collar Fashion

 Light / Cool Colors of Nishat Pret for Spring 2014

Simple & Beautiful Maroon Color in NL-Pret-14
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