Choosing an appropriate shoe (Footwear) for summer season is a difficult task. The story doesn’t ends here; definition of appropriate is undoubtedly different for every girl. College and university going girls will prefer different sort of shoes whereas office going and house wives will like different. It is not the matter of working or nonworking women but it is the matter of purpose. The question is “what purpose you are selecting shoes?” Every girl want to have a shoe matches with her dress, jewelry and bag. So, it becomes really a tough task to choose an appropriate shoe for summer season. So, today we will guide you to pick your favorite and appropriate footwear (shoe) for this summer season 2014. This will serve you for every occasion, every purpose and every fashion. 
You are college going young girl, newly married house wife or working in an office, you will probably find this article helpful to pick your favorite shoe for summer 2014. Here we present some beautiful shoes for you; you can wear in parties, at home and in college. This will serve your casual, fashionable and corporate purpose as well. The collection consists of colorful high heel, fancy and casual chappals, sandals and shoes. This shoes summer collection 2014 will please your footwear experience this summer.

 Pick Your Favorite Shoes For this Summer-14

Ankle Heel

Pencil Pump

Pencil Heel Ankle Pump

Formal Marilyn Monroe

Party Wear Stilettos Heel for Girls
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