Wedding is the important event and strongly linked with traditional and cultural values. Wedding day is one of the most important and big day of women life. Every bride wants to look beautiful, elegant and glamorous. That’s why or that is the reason brides pay attentions to their hair style, makeup, clothing and jewelry. Particularly brides found more cautious about their bridal dress. Wedding dress is a significant part of the event because the bride is the center of everyone's eyes. Mostly girls ‘start thinking about their wedding dress from their teenage and mostly imagine themselves in cultural dress. So, on wedding day, imaginations and affiliations with their cultural values triggered an urge to wear cultural dress.
Girls prefer to wear cultural dress because they feel comfortable, relaxed and calm in cultural bridal wear. Many brides would love to marry in cultural dress address of their ancestors or at least use elements of traditional wedding ceremony from their cultural backgrounds. The practice of wearing a cultural bridal dress inherited from the past that is relatively unchanged and unchanging from generation to generation. While choosing her Bridal Dress, girls prefer Gown Sharara and Gharara because these are among bride's favorite dresses in Pakistan. Lehnga, Saree, Frock and Shalwar Kameez are cultural dresses which have been widely used in South Asia for decades. Some Pakistani wedding dresses have been presented here that mostly girls like to wear in Mehndi, Barat and Wallima functions.

Although, bridal dresses have always been a part of our life, culture and society. But instead of wearing the cultural dress girls should also think to wear some unique and different wedding dresses as well. Because wearing non cultural wedding dresses will attract the people even more. In this way girls can keep the golden memories of their wedding day as a mark lasting in everyone’s mind forever.

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