Eyes can be painstaking as the most significant part of the face. There are various makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger. In this article let’s talk about some tips how to make rounder and bigger eyes with makeup. One of the easiest ways to make your eyes bigger is to curl your eyelashes. Secondly if you want bigger eyes just apply two coats of mascara on the top lashes. It will make them appear thicker and build the lifting result for your lids. Use darker eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyes. Dark colors include black brown eye shadow to make eyes bigger. The disparity of lighter and darker colors will assist to make your eyes appear bigger.
Eyebrows shape can persuade your overall look and even craft your eyes seem bigger or smaller. So create perfect shape for your eyebrows. Apply white shimmery eye shadow or a highlighter onto the inner corners of your eyes, and also apply it under the brow bone. The beam reflective particles will lighten and “open up” your eyes Big eyes, of course, look astonishing, but the most gorgeous and unique feature you can have is the happiness in your eyes.

Make Up Tutorial- How to Rounder Your Eyes

Credit to SineadyCady

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