Watches have remained popular over the years. With a wide range of watches now available in the market, it becomes hard to choose your favorite. Wrist watches for ladies have become popular once again. They can be worn as jewelry or stored as collectibles. They are admired by the young and old alike. Whereas in the past only simple wrist watches either with a metallic strap or a leather one were available, nowadays there is a huge variety of designs that appeal to women. They can be categorized into watches for formal wear and watches for casual wear. Generally, older women go for metallic straps as they impart a dignified look as compared to other types of watches with leather or rubber bands that are more casual.

Funky Ladies Wrist Watches
Wrist watches with metal bracelets are available is a plethora of designs. Metallic bracelets come in a number of styles. Polished to the point of reflection, they are modern and chic. Most popular among the materials is the rose gold watch which is suitable for formal occasions but can be worn casually as well. Traditional silver and gold are also ever-popular. Moreover, if you want to adorn your wrist with jewelry but can’t do without a watch, a bangle watch is the perfect accessory. Funky and trendy, it adds a glamorous touch to your appearance.

Another popular design for wrist watches is the kind that comes with a leather strap. Although they are available in almost all colors, the most authentic one is tan-colored leather. This is because it looks natural and gives the appearance of genuine leather. Faux-leather is also quite common as it is more versatile and cheaper than original leather, however, it is hard to tell them apart. These materials are flexible and comfortable.

Other type of straps include ceramic, rope, and rubber straps. Ceramic has more resemblance to metal bands and is generally more affordable. Rubber straps are preferred by teenage girls who are sporty and like to wear watches that will not break or tear apart. Rope bands however are a relatively new style and are currently in vogue. Braided in various formations and manufactured in vibrant colors, they have become an instant favorite among young women. They can be substituted for or added with chunky bracelets.
Apart from the type of strap that a watch has, variety can be added by changing the dials as well. For formal wear, dials studded with diamonties or colored jewels are quite popular. Paired with any type of strap, these dials are fashionable and sophisticated. For younger girls, dials in different colors ranging from pink and blue to purple and green are among the favorites. Dials can be plain or can have cartoons printed on them. The possibilities are endless.
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