Fashion changes the personality. It is a simple quote. But do you think that fashion should be according to the tradition? Everyone has his own mindset, but I think of course fashion should follow traditions and norms, whereas it is not fashion. People always love to wear these types of dress fashion which is in currently. Whether it’s inform of Shalwar Qameez or Saree, Lehenga or Anarkali suits, everything is preferred to wear according to the fashion and latest style. Especially women and girls are very much aware with latest fashion. So here She9 has Prominent the best fashion in Pakistan and India or most useful dress of the girls in Pakistan and India. So please have a look Ten best clothing designs every girl will love it.
Top Ten Clothing Design Fashion in Pakistan and India

Salwar Kameez the Modest dress trend of the traditional dress, the trends of kameez shalwar are getting higher and huge flying in the women now days. Even more than 90% girls of Pakistan love to wear Salwar Kameez and more than 45% girls of Indian States as well. That is the main I suggest that fashion should follow the tradition and that is why most of the clothing brands prefer Sawlar Kameez Dress to introduce in the Market.

A National and Historical Dress of Indian people. So Saree comes in most suitable dress for all girls. If you want some grace in your dress, then saree is the best dress. Even Royal families of India are also wearing Saree Dress as Royal Dress.

Lehnga choli is also one of the most popular dresses in Pakistan and India. It is also known as ghaghra choli. Ghaghra choli, Lacha is considered as traditional dress for women in Pakistan and India. It is basically combined of two parts; lehenga which is wider outfit and a tight choli with dupatta. 

4- Frocks
In current fashion-era most of the girls are familiar with Frock Fashion. Even now frocks are modified in long shirts, Pishwas and many other trends. A huge varities of frocks has been introduced in fashion Market. Pakistan and India are known for their designing of stylish and beautiful frocks which gives elegant and adorable look. Party wear, casual and formal types of frocks are available in markets by expert designers. 

Anarkali suits are one of the most trendy and stylish outfit especially for parties and wedding functions for all age women and teenagers. They are quite long and are made like frock without any sort of slit. It can be of different fabric such as cotton, silk or any other flashy material.

In recent times, long shirts with trousers and pajamas are in huge fashion and makes special place in the hearts of women and teenagers in Pakistan and India. Even men also favor to wear long shirts till knees as it has become trendy. 

Kurtis and Tops are progressively becoming popular among contemporary and conventional women. Use of different type of embroidery, designs and motifs makes kurtis more attractive for festivals, parties and functions.

Pattu pavadai or reshme langa is one of beautiful traditional dresses in Pakistan and India. It is worn by teenagers and small girls especially. It is cone shaped garment mostly made of silk which hangs down from waist to toes.

9 Churidar / Churi-Sawlar
Churidar are tightly fitting trousers which are worn by moth women and men in Pakistan and india. These are almost variation of shalwar pants. Shalwars are made narrow at ankle and wider at the top.

Now day’s gowns can be seen in versatile patterns which make women to have an attractive and elegant look. These are mostly worn by the Muslim women and teenagers. Stylish Scarves are also worn with gowns having beautiful cuts and designs.

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