In South Asia, the love for Mehndi is a common craze girls have; regardless the status, region and even the religion. Every girl want to look her hands, arms and feet beautiful with stunning Mehndi / Mahndi / Hina / Hinna / Henna / Hena designs especially on family functions and events. Applying floral designs with Mehndi paste is also a known cultural value of South Asia. In India and Pakistan girls embedded Mehndi designs on Eid, Diwali and Christmas Mehndi. They apply beautiful Mehndi designs to show their love with their culture and most importantly to look gorgeous. Winter season is spreading its happiness all around the world and Christmas is also nearby us; and girls are very much busy in looking for Christmas dresses, jewelry, gifts and Mehndi designs. 
Latest Formal Mehndi Designs for Christmas
So, we have brought some latest, trendy and gorgeous Mehndi designs for Christmas; just go through the collection and apply your favorite Mehndi design you like among our Christmas Mehndi Design Collection 2014-2015. Applying Mehndi designs is a bit complex task which required very specialized skills which have come from a hectic practice; and we have different sort of Mehndi designs in India and Pakistan; in which the most favorite are Indian Mehndi designs, Pakistani Mehndi designs and the gorgeous Arabic Mehndi designs. So, in this Christmas Mehndi Designs Collection 2014 we have brought some most beautiful, elegant and Best Mehndi designs for Christmas. In Arabic Mehndi and Irani Mehndi Designs, thick floral Mehndi designs are in fashion nowadays and among Indian Mehndi designs floral and abstract patterns in tattoo shapes have become famous; so, we have brought some best for the coming Christmas 2014.

Latest Mehndi Designs Pictures for Christmas
Latest Mehndi Designs Pictures for Christmas

Latest Mehndi Designs Pictures for Christmas

Latest Mehndi Designs Pictures for ChristmasChristmas Mehndi Designs for Girls

New Designs of Mehndi

 Difficult Mehndi Designs
 Difficult Mehndi Designs Difficult Mehndi Designs

Easy Mehndi Designs
Easy Mehndi DesignsEasy Mehndi Designs

Important Note: All these images are copyrighted and taken from official page of Mehndi Designer Kiran Sahib. 

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