So one of the biggest day of your life is about to arrive and you want your Wedding dress to be perfect. 

Wedding Bells

Well let’s start the shopping sprees :)
Thinking along the lines of the Eastern culture, let’s determine what dress will make you look the most beautiful bride that will make everyone want to be you. 

First things first, what color schemes and designs do you like is the question. Tip: It is better to keep a mental image in your head so that the minute you see something identical, you grab it and don’t let go.
Depending on your jewelry that you’re going to wear, you’re going to match your dress design accordingly too.

Secondly, let’s determine what type of weather will be around the dates of your wedding so we can choose the materials required accordingly. 

Thirdly, make sure you know your budget. A recommended option would be for an affordable price and good quality, or if money is not a worry then let’s go for the best money can buy. A wedding dress price can start from PKR 50,000to 200,000. Prices vary on the amount of needlework, stitching and embroidery that is done on the dresses and the quality of the material. The materials for the winter season 2014-15 include Jamawar, ShafonBanarsi, Rao Silk and Velvet. The lace is made of the material of shinning thread known as Tilla.

Now that all these dimensions are in mind, let me tell you about the current trends prevailing the Eastern hemisphere.

Two-toned dresses are now more in fashion with a light coloured shirt and a dark coloured headgear or dupatta in contrast. Dresses with more embroidery enhances the beauty of the dress emitting a sparkly, glowing look which is sure to make you the center of attention.
The embroidery can be done on both the dupatta sewn with a matching lace. The shirt piece can have the similar design.

Lehngas  are now in fashion and matching clucthes are also available.The one on the left side shows a shocking pink Lenga with a green lace and beautiful sequins designs. A large variety of dresses is now available online where one noticeably large variety are being offered by Kaymu’s Wedding Store
Lehngas for Engagementsand Walimas, include neutral colours like peach, tea pink, beige and fawn colour shades with relatively less embroidery than dresses worn on the wedding day. On the Wedding day, colour schemes of Lehengas are followed in the colour spectrum of elegant red, forest fusion blue, sleveless yellow and so on. 
Oh and make sure that no friends or family of yours copy your chosen colour scheme- no one should steal your spotlight!

While choosing your dress, the makeup and hair-do is very important too. If you wear a veil or a dupatta or any form of headgear, how will you have your hair done accordingly?
Also, if the weather is too hot will the makeup start melting or is it cold enough?
So keep all these questions in mind when you go on your shopping sprees. Have a ball! 

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