Saree is known as Indian cultural dress. Now days everyone has knowledge about fashionable attires and also has idea to use these attires. If girls have a really short time for their perfect dressing, they are confused at a time and think what should they do? Saree is well known fashionable, glamours and different outfit as compare to other well known attires. 
Best Way to Wear Smart Saree for Smart Model
Style editor Pooja Vakil is introducing incurable idea about drape your saree in few minutes. It is quiet easy to pin up your saree in such a way. In the beginning you will roughly draping the saree with three markers. Pin up the first marker at the beginning point of saree and go to another ledge of saree and roll it. And after that you will adjust the length of saree and pin up with second marker at shoulder. And now you will pull the fabric and bring it to front for making bring tight and the point of first marker pin attach with the third marker pin. And now take a whole saree in your hand and pleat from 1st marker to 3rd marker. Now you will have simply raped the saree. This is perfect for travelling and save your lot of time.                   

Video Tutorial for Draping Sarees with Steps

Video-1 (Dailymotion)

Video-2 (Facebook)

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