Mature age is big reality of life. It is fact that mature age is come on everyone in life. Mature ladies also want to look beautiful and young. In this tutorial it will show that how would you look beautiful and young with makeup by yourself. Young girls can help their moms, grandmothers and aunt in makeup. There are lots of tips in this tutorial and with the help of these tutorial mature women can do their make up by their selves.
Best Natural Makeup Training to Look Like Girl
At the beginning you will use moisturizing balm in light or medium shape for smoothness on face. This balm uses with foundation brush for remove your lines on face. You can also emphasize the foundation with your hand. Now you will use the wake me up concealer with brush and put that concealer around the eyes. After that you will use max factor miracle touch on cheeks as well. Now you will put fluid corrective foundation with domed eyeliner sable. And after that you will have used lid smoothie on eyes with your finger. Now you will put the stay eye shadow palette no 7. Now you will have use the small eye liner E10 and put the eye lashes curler as well. After that you will put mascara in brown pen with big liner brush. At the end you will put precision lips pencil and after that use red color lipstick.  In simple words the mature woman can share their young feelings in gorgeous look.      

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Credit to: lisa eldridge

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