Maya Mia artist is conveying her idea about simple and good looking makeup for girls. Girls always try to look beautiful, gorgeous and perfect on all function, at school, at college and in office. Simply girls can look beautiful with the help of their makeup skills. Maya Mia artist shows the simple and accord makeup tutorial for school, college and office girls. Girls could easily adopt and understand Maya Mia makeup method which is quiet easy and simple in such manners.
Official Light and Natural Makeup Tutorial 
Firstly you will use foundation with your hands for moisturizing look. Now use the beauty concealer for brightness of your face but put this concealer be carefully and equal in way. And the very important tip is that don’t use this beauty concealer on dry face. Now adjust the eye brows with smooth brush and put the black color eye shadow for deep eyebrows with encore brush. And you can define eyebrows shade in this way. After you will use the gray shade on eyes and put it with your hand. Now you can use the brown eye shade or any other shade. After that you will attach the eye lashes with curler and adjust the eye lashes with brush then put the mascara on eyes lashes with smoothie brush. At the end you will use light pink lipstick or as your wish.       

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